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Affiliate Program Recap

Traditionally, web-based affiliate programs are arrangements in which an online merchant pays their “affiliates” a commission to send them traffic; for which a given affiliate is paid according to a particular agreement.

The Due Process Advocate Affiliate Program goes far beyond that! Our program creates a very exclusive “network” of like-minded companies and individuals who share a common interest in the restoration of individual due-process rights as the underlying basis for our “affiliation” with one another - and our program operates to advertise and support BOTH the affiliate’s business and the core mission of The Due Process Advocate.

The result of this “two-way” affiliate arrangement has produced some dramatic results.

    Web Traffic
    As an actual ‘sub-domain” of, each of our affiliate’s web pages is exposed to thousands of unique visitors as the DPA Business Network continually gets larger and larger as the number of readers, visitors, subscribers, clients, and affiliates increases. web traffic is dramatically increasing on a month-to-month basis.

    Referral Business
    This structure provides for both direct (from the staff) and indirect referrals (from web-traffic arriving at an Affiliate’s sub-domain). Currently, there are documented, paid referrals in the tens of thousands of dollars with just the relatively small number of current affiliates.

    Flow-Through Web-Traffic
    At an Affiliate’s option, an Affiliate’s external website can be linked from the Affiliate’s sub-domain so that visitors to to the Affiliate’s web-page can also go directly to the Affiliate’s external website.

The bottom line is that The Due Process Advocate has created a unique and exclusive “marketing platform” for like-minded business owners and managers to turn their support of the due-process movement into more business for themselves at the same time! The net goal, of course, is to pave the way for one of the most important social injustice movements in the United States to “self-fund” it’s own, rapid expansion that is so desperately needed. What better way to promote a movement than to actually generate business for those who support the movement?

Please email Ed Smith at for more information if you are a business owner or manager that supports due process reform; especially if you have personal experience in the legal arena and you know first hand why it’s so critical to stop “arbitrary rule” and get back to the “rule of law.” Thanks for your possible interest!



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