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The Due Process Advocate provides a unique platform for social justice advocates and activists who have been personally damaged as a result of corruption in a government agency and/or court proceeding. Turn your story into a profitable business providing help for others. For more information, please contact:

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About Due Process 101

The Due Process Educational Program ("Due Process 101") is a private, one-of-a kind resource designed to expedite and enhance your ability to defend against civil, criminal, and administrative actions taken against you.; whether you are protecting your own interests, or using an attorney to protect your interests.

In essence, the program is a “short course” in the preservation and protection of individual due process rights. It is the product of several decades of hands-on experience in the legal arena by the team of individuals who researched, compiled, organized and wrote the program material.

The concepts, tenets, strategies, and information presented in Due Process 101 have accounted for, literally, millions of dollars worth of savings and benefits that are normally lost at the hands of "arbitrary rule".

Most important is the low cost of $295 (annually renewable at your option). This investment represents an inexpensive solution to being "best prepared" to protect your individual due process rights when you are thrust into the legal arena and need to take. control of legal issues that can rapidly get out of control.

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The proliferation of due process abuse in the American legal system is out of control! Read about these actual accounts and you be the judge:

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