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About Due Process 101

The Due Process Educational Program ("Due Process 101") was developed by the Due Process Advocate. In essence, the program is the product of several decades of hands-on experience in the legal arena, coupled with the technical expertise, of three key people:
    Edward H. Smith
    Ed is a 1970 graduate of Dartmouth College with a life-long career as an independent business and financing consultant. He is the publisher of The Due Process Advocate; a newsletter-styled publication distributed via free email subscriptions and his current focus is the development of a national network of Due Process Advocates who are trained to help American consumers learn the proactive skills to protect their own due-process rights while dealing with a top-heavy government that is gaining power and control by removing those constitutional rights.

    Gregory E. Smith
    Greg is a 1996 graduate of the University of New Hampshire. He is a software programmer utilizing scripting languages to automate the execution of a wide variety of tasks. He maintains the web presence for The Due Process Advocate and the electronic delivery of the various resources, materials, and communications necessary to manage and expand the business of due process advocacy.

    Robert B. Tobiasz
    Bob is a 1967 graduate of Boston College and a 1969 graduate of the University of Chicago. Bob has an extensive background in business management and financial analysis; including several years as a high-level corporate executive, a real estate investor and manager, a venture capital consultant, and a private investor and entrepreneur. Bob is a life-long due process advocate whose business and personal experience have contributed substantially to the development of Due Process 101.
The concepts, tenets, strategies, and information presented in this program have accounted for, literally, millions of dollars worth of savings and benefits that are normally lost at the hands of "arbitrary rule".

Due Process 101 is a private, one-of-a kind resource designed to expedite and enhance your ability to defend against civil, criminal, and administrative actions taken against you.; whether you are protecting your own interests, or using an attorney to protect your interests.

Most important is the low cost. Unlimited, online access to the Due Process 101 for one year is $295 less any applicable discounts and premiums. This amount is equivalent to the cost of one to two hours of an attorney's time. It represents an inexpensive solution to taking control of legal issues that can rapidly get out of control.

Thank you for your interest. Due Process 101 is a fast and inexpensive solution to being "best prepared" to protect individual due process rights when thrust into the legal arena.

Don't procrastinate and get caught unprepared. Register today!

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