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Instructions For Submitting A Story For Review

Please provide the following preliminary information about your story. We’ll review it, verify facts, and conduct some relevant research on the subject of your story in the context of due process abuse.

  1. Your complete name;

  2. Your current address:

  3. Your current phone number;

  4. A condensed recap of what happened, what rights were violated, and what damages you sustained. PLEASE limit to one type-written page.

Please email this information directly to the attention of Ed Smith:

Please feel free to attached a SINGLE PDF File of supporting documents not exceeding 20 pages in length.

The Due Process Advocate will contact you within 3-4 days with details regarding our review (positive or negative), information about the publication process, costs, and time-frames for your review.

Thank you for your interest and, hopefully, we’ll be able to publish your story to help eliminate due process abuse as a way of making money in the American marketplace.


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Due Process Denied


The proliferation of due process abuse in the American legal system is out of control! Read about these actual accounts and you be the judge:

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Due Process 101



The "Due Process 101" Educational Program presents an advanced understanding of due process rights that is NOT offered as part of any curriculum, or course of study, in a vast majority of secondary educational institutions across the country.