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1. Mortgage Modification Offers


2. Non-Judicial Foreclosures

   - Conflicts of Interest

   - Securitization Defects

   - Forgeries & Fake Documents

   - Verbal Misrepresentation

   - Forbearance Frauds

   - Lack of Legal Standing

   - Lack of Debt Validation

   - Notice Deficiencies


3. Post-foreclosure Evictions and Personal Property Seizures

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Chances are that someone referred you to this website to get a free subscription to The Due Process Advocate. Hopefully, you'll quickly take advantage of the referral and find out just how crucial your due process rights really are in today's government-controlled and dominated American culture.

The express purpose of The Due Process Advocate is two-fold: First, we want to expose and stop the proliferation of "government endorsed" actions and policies designed to remove due process rights from the common person to serve private interests and political agendas. Second, and perhaps more importantly, we want to "arm" all Americans with the information and resources necessary to protect their own well-being and property by learning how to fend for themselves in dealing with those whose objective is to gain power, influence, and money by removing constitutional rights to due process.

Due process rights are individual rights that are guaranteed by the 5th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Fundamentally, due process rights protect your life, liberty, and property by guaranteeing your right to be heard in legal proceedings which are conducted in a fair and impartial manner. Due process is not a privilege (like driving a car) that you have to qualify for. Due process rights are yours to have and keep forever; as long as you're a citizen of the United States. These rights are the foundation upon which America was built. Due process means being governed by the rule of law and having equal protection under the law. Due process is the opposite of "arbitrary rule" (i.e. being subject to the whims of government and law enforcement officials who don't follow the law).

This website serves, therefore, as the coordination point for a host of activities and opportunities for those with a special interest in the restoration of due process rights. Our major activity is the publication and distribution (via email) of our newsletter, The Due Process Advocate.

Take the first step and click on the "FREE SUBSCRIPTION" button to the right - or take the time to meet with a Due Process Advocate to learn more about just how much is at stake; especially if you are dealing with a critical legal issue. Understanding and asserting your due process rights will enable you to independently, inexpensively, immediately, privately, and pro-actively take actions to protect your money, income, and property from unnecessary loss. Don't procrastinate!

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Ed Smith, Publisher of The Due Process Advocate
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The Due Process Advocate ARCHIVE

Vol. 10
Former Massachusetts Homeowner Vows To Expose Mortgage Fraud That Destroyed His "AMERICAN Dream"

This edition focuses on the plight of one Massachusetts homeowner who lost, literally, everything he had as the proximate result of pursuing his life-long ambition to finally get ahead in life by purchasing and restoring an old Cape home and carriage house originally built in 1715.

Vol. 9
Post-Election Protesters Are Demanding To Be Heard

The use of "arbitrary rule" in government actions is finally coming under fire across the United States as political protesters are realizing the inherent danger and threat to the future well-being of the "common person" in America as the rule of law is sacrificed to promote private political agendas.

Vol. 8
The 2016 Democratic National Convention Was A Prime Example Of The Corruption Designed To Serve The Rich And Powerful Establishment Through The Blatant Denial Of Due-Process To Bernie Sanders Supporters As Allowed By Bernie Sanders Himself

Who would ever have imagined that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) would orchestrate the categorical denial of due process rights to Bernie Sanders supporters? Worse yet, who would have anticipated that Bernie Sanders would sell out his supporters to make their millions in contributions accrue, in the final analysis, to the benefit of the Democratic Party as it stands today?

Vol. 7
The Due Process Rights Of The Average American Citizen Are, Slowly But Surely, Being Taken Away So The Rich Can Get Richer

Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes started his May 10, 2016 Forbes articled entitled "OBAMA'S WAR ON PROSPERITY" with this statement: "NOT SINCE the New Deal's heyday in the 1930's has Washington waged such an unrelenting assault against the private sector." Unfortunately, that assault is still alive and well as Uncle Sam, at all levels of government, relentlessly employs very sophisticated, elaborate and deceptive tactics to undermine the average American's due process rights. This edition focuses on those tactics.

Vol. 6
How Arbitrary Rule Threatens Everyone's Constitutionally-Protected Rights To Life, Liberty, And Property

President Obama's recent State of the Union message recognized the critical role of the rule of law as America became the greatest nation on earth. Unfortunately, the rule of law is steadily giving way to the arbitrary rule by the powers-to-be at all levels of government. This edition focuses on the devastating effects that all Americans are experiencing by this dangerous trend.

Vol. 5
Foreclosure Mills Operating In New Hampshire Continue Their Unlawful Seizure Of Personal Property As The New Hampshire Legal Community Shirks Its Duty To Enforce Constitutional Protections

The U.S. Constitution protects U.S. all citizens, including foreclosed homeowners, from the unlawful seizure of their personal property. This edition focuses on a major legal debacle that has been brewing over the seizure and control of a foreclosed homeowners' personal property by "foreclosure mills" after contested foreclosure proceedings in New Hampshire.

Vol. 4
Abuse Of Process Is Reaching Epidemic Proportions As Courts Side With Slick Attorneys To "EXPEDITE" Justice By Denying Due-Process Rights

Previous editions of The Due Process Advocate called attention to the clash between due-process and arbitrary rule in the U.S. legal system. This edition focuses on several first-hand experiences of our readers revealing that abuse of process is growing out of control in the courts.

Vol. 3
The 2016 Election: Will America's Next President Support Due Process Or Arbitrary Rule?

The Due Process Advocate was originally created and published in response to due process abuses experienced by thousands of homeowners in the wake of the national housing crisis. However, due process abuses have been spreading like wild-fire in other areas as well; as the right to be heard and fair legal proceedings are rapidly being sacrificed for the advantage and benefit of a host of political agendas separate and apart from those related to the mass-foreclosures in the housing arena. As a result, this edition focuses on a major decision facing America: due process or arbitrary rule?

Vol. 2
New Hampshire homeowners claim "retaliatory" evictions by foreclosure mills are supported by the Courts

In its premiere edition, The Due Process Advocate explained how foreclosure mills operated to strip homeowners of their due process rights in the foreclosure process. This edition exposes the orchestration of ruthless, post-foreclosure evictions of homeowners in the "Live Free Or Die" state - by the same foreclosure mills that are conducting wrongful foreclosures.

Vol. 1
How do attorneys running foreclosure mills strip homeowners of their due process rights?

In this edition, The Due Process Advocate takes a close look at the operation of foreclosure mills and the attorneys that run them.



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